What is Refurbished Laptop? The Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solution

Have you ever wondered what is a refurbished laptop and how can it help your business?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, with many companies transitioning from onsite to remote work.

To adapt to this change, business owners must ensure their staff has the right equipment to operate remotely. For instance, laptops are portable and convenient for employees working from home.

However, buying a laptop for your employees can be costly, especially if your business’s operations were impacted by the pandemic.

This is where refurbished laptops come in. They are an affordable yet effective solution for business owners to navigate through the changing economic climate.

What is Refurbished Laptop?

Purchasing a new laptop or desktop set-up may be a costly endeavour, which is why it is important to know what is a refurbished laptop.

A refurbished laptop is a pre-owned device that has been cleaned, repaired, and sometimes upgraded.

Not only are they priced lower than their newer counterparts while still fulfilling the user’s needs, but they have become increasingly popular due to the trend toward green business practices.

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Advantages of Using Refurbished Laptops

There are many advantages to opting for refurbished laptops, which is why their popularity has increased in recent years.

From competitive pricing points to reducing e-waste, refurbished laptops are a worthy alternative to buying the latest technology.

Here are three benefits of using refurbished laptops:


The main advantage of refurbished laptops is that they are cheaper to acquire. This makes it easier for business owners to furnish their teams with quality IT devices at lower costs.

Sustainable Technology

Earlier, we mentioned the growing trend toward green business practices. Refurbished laptops not only recover any residual worth in a device, but also restarts the device’s lifecycle, effectively reducing e-waste.

Abundant User Reviews

You can conduct in-depth research before attaining your device, as user reviews about the laptop model of your choice and its supplier are abundant online.

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Common Concerns of Using a Refurbished Laptop

Oftentimes, when asked ‘what is a refurbished laptop?’, their cons are often highlighted.

Much stigma follows the concept of refurbished laptops, and often business owners are put-off by the idea of paying for a pre-owned device.

While most of the stigma can be solved by choosing the right supplier, below are several other common concerns users have about refurbished laptops:

Older Technology

In most cases, a refurbished laptop will be an older model. This could mean older technology and, subsequently, lower configurations.

Older Hardware

A refurbished laptop could mean older and potentially inefficient hardware, resulting in performance issues.

Might Require Upgrades

To keep up with rapid technological advancements and current IT demands, your refurbished device may need upgrades in the near future.

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 DaaS 360: Reliable Refurbished Laptop Supplier & Solution Provider

Now that you have read through the pros and cons of buying a refurbished laptop, the next step is finding the right supplier.

Depending on how you source your refurbished laptops, the benefits and concerns you experience could double. This is where DaaS 360, a trusted refurbished laptop supplier, can help.

With our services, business owners can enjoy refurbished laptops at a lower subscription cost, along with professional care and maintenance services. 

This way, your employees can own a quality laptop without breaking your budget, and you can rest easy knowing you have tech support backing your decision. 

For more sustainable device acquisition and management solutions, browse through our DaaS 360 services.