Experience Excellent Device Monitoring with HP Proactive Insights

What is device monitoring, and why should businesses prioritise a secure device monitoring solution? After the COVID-19 pandemic grounded many business operations to a halt, we have seen the rise of online business operations.

While this new form of operating can be efficient, productive, and cost-effective, it requires businesses to rely largely on the functionality of their IT. This includes the electronic devices sourced, as well as crucial software and applications used.

Due to the high value that a company’s devices provide, it is important for the business to have secure device monitoring.

Read the article to learn the importance of device monitoring and how HP can provide this added benefit.

The Significance of Device Monitoring

With the growth of business IT and the way companies use technology to leverage operations, solid device monitoring and management is crucial. Equipping your business with the right technology can boost efficiency and productivity.

Device monitoring allows you to gain valuable business insights and be kept up-to-date on the health of your devices and software. This adds additional value to your IT, as well as ensures that your digital operations are conducted seamlessly and securely.

Here are a few reasons why device monitoring should be a key component of your business:

Ensuring a Current and Secure Environment

Ensuring end-user computing is up-to-date and meets industry standards is crucial. Out-of-date systems, such as Windows 7, should be replaced in favour of newer and more cyberattack-resistant versions.

Establishing Modern Device Management

Device monitoring helps companies manage their entire IT ecosystem, providing employees with services such as remote tech support. The service provider has access to devices, allowing them to provide swift technical aid.

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Reduce Costs and Improve Safety

Companies can save on device repair costs with proper device monitoring, and having a service provider monitor your digital assets will also protect your valuable data.

Increasing Performance and Productivity

Hybrid workforces are empowered with quality devices and software. This prevents technical malfunctions from impeding workflow, as well as boosts productivity. Quality products also improve sustainability by reducing device changes.

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Why Choose HP Proactive Insights?

HP Proactive Insights is a complete device management solution fit for modern users. Powered by HP TechPulse2, businesses benefit from both DaaS 360’s remote management expertise and HP’s leading innovations in IT.

The HP Proactive Insights is an analytics platform that employs advanced AI technology to predict and resolve issues before they impede your workflow. The proven solution provides both quality devices and an insightful management system.

Here’s how HP Proactive Insights can transform your digital workspace:

Fully Managed HP Services

Enjoy the benefits of automated remedies and proven solutions to your complex IT problems.

Actionable Device Analysis

Beyond information analytics, HP Proactive Insights strives for users to not only predict events but to have solutions ready beforehand.

Optimise Employee Experience

Measure your employees’ satisfaction with their hardware and software, and optimise their experience further.

Protect Sensitive Data

With real-time management and device monitoring, HP Proactive Insights creates a secure environment for your valuable data.

Reach Out To Transform Your Business

Empower your digital workforce with HP Proactive Insight’s modern device monitoring solution. For more innovative business IT solutions, our DaaS 360 solutions provide businesses with all IT and management needs, from virtualised desktops to hardware.