DaaS 360: Modern Remote Device Management Solution Malaysia

Looking for a reliable remote device management service in Malaysia? In a time where hybrid and remote working are the norms, it’s pertinent to understand the significance of having proper device management.

On one hand, the mobility granted by hybrid and remote working models greatly enhances business processes and productivity. Having said that, these working systems also require a myriad of devices and applications, bringing modern-day challenges to work.

This is where remote device management solutions can help organisations effectively manage their IT devices and other working equipment to deliver a seamless working experience for employees. It also ensures device functionality and increases employee productivity.

But First, What Is Remote Device Management?

Remote device management refers to a set of practices to remotely monitor and manage PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. It enables an organisation to configure devices, diagnose problems, and safeguard data from theft and malicious activity, anywhere. An example of a remote device management solution is Device-as-a-Service or DaaS.

DaaS is a subset of the as-a-service model that offers devices such as laptops and desktops to customers on a subscription-like basis, rather than the customer having to pay upfront for their device. Although DaaS may seem similar to a lease agreement, the two have key differences.

DaaS vs Lease: Automate Your Device Management

A lease is defined as “a contract by which one conveys real estate, equipment, or facilities for a specified term and for a specified rent”. In fact, DaaS is one of the many forms of leasing.

As such, there are certainly similarities shared between DaaS and traditional leasing. Thus, it’s important for customers to understand both concepts in order to choose the solution that best fits their business.

Device Ownership

One main similarity is that customers do not have ownership over their devices. This is beneficial not only because of the lower upfront costs but because you pay only to use the devices provided. However, leasing agreements often offer you the opportunity to keep the devices at the end of the lease, whereas DaaS does not.

Instead, DaaS solutions automatically upgrade your devices at the end of the term. This keeps your business devices up-to-date and allows you to be more adaptive to change in a rapidly-developing technological world.

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IT Lifecycle Management

Another difference is that the latter DaaS provides management over your entire device lifecycle, providing a seamlessly operating business IT ecosystem. This allows you to focus on achieving your business goals rather than spending your time and energy on IT management.

Furthermore, DaaS manages the end-of-cycle of your devices so that you don’t have to replace outdated IT for each employee. This sustainable practice enables the management system to effectively reduce its carbon footprint.

Cost and Flexibility

Aside from not having to pay the full amount of the device upfront, DaaS is also cost-effective because prices between devices are standardised. Businesses can also often choose to mix and match devices, such as laptops and desktops, as needed for their operations.

In this way, DaaS solutions bring out more value in the devices provided. Technology is already a valuable aspect of any company that operates in the present day. Thus, it is only natural to find solutions that make our IT investments worthwhile.

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DaaS 360: Why Choose Us?

ICT Zone rovides specialised remote management services in  Malaysia, adaptable to your unique business needs and requirements. It is an affordable and scalable solution to give your team the latest and best-fitting workplace technology.

Even better, our device lifecycle management solution offers a complete 4-in-1 subscription model for a future-proof business ecosystem. Check out our subscription plans and choose one that best suit your organisation.