Remote Managed Service

Remote Managed Service

Specialised Remote System
Management and Monitoring

Customisable and adaptable remote monitoring and management services.

What is Remote Managed Service

Remote managed service enhances business efficiency by managing a client’s IT infrastructure and system from a remote location. This service is tremendously helpful for SMEs as they commonly grow faster than larger companies and need the flexibility to scale as they expand, with little downtime.
Enterprises having hundreds of employees in several buildings can also receive quicker real-time IT support with RMS, sparing them from waiting days before business operations can resume. DaaS 360 remote managed service solution is powered by Intel.
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Supporting Work Beyond Office Walls

The changing device management landscape meant people now work anywhere and everywhere. New IT strategies need to accommodate the demand for greater mobility and security. The solution lies in the Cloud and a robust remote management system.

Benefits of DaaS 360 Remote Managed Service

Remote Access

Enable providers to manage your devices remotely even when they are powered off or the OS is unresponsive. It enhances the client’s business operations since providers now handle the time-consuming and complicated task of systems management. By outsourcing managed services to a remote IT managed service provider, you gain access to round-the-clock monitoring of your internal network.

Improved Efficiencies

With remote management, clients benefit from planned preventive maintenance which works proactively to keep IT systems functioning and minimise system failures. Now, businesses can channel their resources toward their core competencies that drive revenue growth. They can also save on deskside support, promote IT efficiency, improve user experiences, reduce downtime, and support greater mobility.


DaaS 360 RMS provides a scalable and reliable foundation for the future by helping you get the most out of your PC investments, freeing you to focus on strategic priorities. Its ever-evolving technologies and tools are designed to cater to the real-world needs of employees and IT decision makers, adding value to businesses of all sizes.

Better Security

Wake devices at pre-set times to ensure client systems receive essential updates to reduce the risk of non-compliant systems residing on corporate networks and lowers the odds of a security breach. IT admins can also remotely wipe data from stolen devices or remediate and recover infected devices remotely.

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