Predictive Analytics and Proactive Insights

Monitor and manage your fleet’s performance


Supercharging Your Device Ecosystem

Together, Lenovo and DaaS 360 are set to offer automated solutions to optimise business operations, user experience and work continuity. With Lenovo Device Intelligence Solutions, IT service and maintenance operations can be conducted based on robust, actionable insights.

An Intelligent Approach in Fleet Management

Lenovo Device Intelligence is a cloud-based, AI-driven SaaS solution using advanced predictive analytics and proactive device insights to monitor your fleet’s performance.

Support Users & Boost Productivity

Gain comprehensive device insights, alerts, reports, fleet health, and user experience scoring from a single platform. Lenovo Device Intelligence Solutions helps you stay in control, mitigate risks, and manage your devices at a scale.
Now, IT admins can proactively support users and prevent impact on productivity by predicting and resolving device health issues swiftly.

Monitor & Assess

Fleet health & end-user productivity impacts at a glance

Predict & Prevent

Failures on storage & blue screens of death before they occur

Analyse & Resolve

Performance issues with insightful analytics to pinpoint problematic devices & administer proven remediation

Optimise & Improve

Hardware, storage, battery, drivers, end-user uptime, asset allocation & overall PC health.

Overcoming the Challenges of Remote Work

Predict and Prevent Failures

With advanced AI-enabled technology, Lenovo Device Intelligence accurately predicts PC health performance and prevents critical issues across the fleet. The system diagnoses and alerts users to current concerns, past failures, and potential future problems.

Get Helpful, Proactive Insights

At the convenience of a single dashboard, users can access fleet-wide and granular insights into device failures, apps influencing performance, Windows Device Manager problems, battery levels, storage, and more. Lenovo Device Intelligence enables users to improve PC performance with fleet and device-level health scores.

Swiftly Resolve Issues

The tool keeps your fleets on track by detecting potential areas of concern and providing you with insights and recommendations. The versatile Lenovo is compatible with every commercial PC running Windows 10 with Intel or AMD.

Leverage Self-Learning Technology

Lenovo Device Intelligence leverages PC health data from a base of millions of Lenovo devices. The tool uses machine learning to become more adept at predicting issues based on your company’s specific usage patterns.

Ensure Sensitive Business Data Stays Secure

Lenovo Device Intelligence protects your data with a multi-layered security technology stack. This ensures the privacy of your company’s PC health data and makes it inaccessible to anyone but authorised users.

Improve Your Organisation’s Tech Experience

Increase productivity and decrease end-user downtime with Lenovo Device Intelligence. Simultaneously, expect fewer helpdesk calls and less time spent diagnosing PC problems.

Operate with Smarter Analytics

Lenovo Device Intelligence proactively monitors a broad array of data points across the device fleet, diagnoses issues impacting performance, and surfaces helpful remediations. The tool provides compelling device insights and increased functionality to drive better business outcomes.

Lenovo Recognised as One of the Most Sustainable Companies Worldwide

In the News

Recognised by Corporate Knights for the third consecutive year, Lenovo continues its focus and commitment in building a smarter, brighter future for all. The Global 100 rankings were announced evaluating more than 7,000 global businesses, generating more than US$1 billion in revenue.

Take Control and Thrive

With Lenovo Device Intelligence, IT administrators access a secure dashboard providing key metrics on current and predicted issues, device insights, fleet performance, and history.

Grow with Lenovo Device

Future-focused device management.