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What is Proactive & Analytical Services

HP TechPulse is a unique analytics technology that monitors and predicts device health enabling customers, or those managing on their behalf, to more proactively manage multi-OS device environments, which covers the following 4 aspects:

Proactive Insights (PI) Services Include

Inventory/Device Management

Manage all devices in a single dashboard with full details such as warranty, etc.

Device Proactive Incident Management

Predict & prevent device health issues for quick planning & resolution.

Device Performance & Health Analytical Management

Analyse device performance with proactive insights & reports to anticipate the needs of end-users & easy device management.

User Management

Manage users with attached device & monitor device usage.

Maximise the Value of PC Investment &
Resolve IT Pain Points

We combine hardware, software, and remote managed services into one solution with a predictable payment model. You get to improve your cash flow while enjoying the best devices available to stay productive.

Leverage our proactive & analytical service to anticipate problems and fix them before they occur so you can maximise the full value of every dollar spent on your PCs.

Our 4-step process (discovery, planning, preparation & tool implementation, analysis, findings & recommendations) can help identify and resolve your IT pain points.

Enhance PC performance, improve end-user help desk experience, and fortify the security of your multi-OS devices.

Activate asset tracking to keep tabs on devices that are not being used or need patch updates.

Track active and non-active devices by day, week, and month to discover cases of underutilisation.

HP Proactive Insights 30-Day Free Trial

Access vigilant monitoring and reporting systems with reliable insights that will drive your IT costs down by 25%* and boost end-user experiences**. Sign up for HP Proactive Insights now and get your 30-day free trial.

Sources: IDC DaaS Americas Survey, 2016*    | IDC 2021 Device as a Service MCS Worldwide Results**

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