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cost savings were estimated from deploying DaaS*
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reduced their IT workload*


PC refresh cycle
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Sources:  IDC DaaS Americas Survey, 2016*  |  IDC US PCaaS MCS Survey, 2016**

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Sources: IDC 2021 Device as a Service MCS Worldwide Results*

Sources: IDC 2021 Device as a Service MCS Study, August 2021**

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of SMEs say new PCs bring
better security & data protection***

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say better management & lower maintenance cost for newer PCs are among the top reasons to purchase new devices****

Techaisle 2020 WW SMB PC Study, May 2020***

FY22 Secured-Core PC Execution Plan****

IDC 2021 Device as a Service MCS Worldwide Results*  |  IDC 2021 Device as a Service MCS Study, August 2021**  |  Techaisle 2020 WW SMB PC Study, May 2020***  |  FY22 Secured-Core PC Execution Plan**** 

DaaS 360: Leading DaaS Provider

Positive Cash Flow & Stability

DaaS 360 is designed to improve your business cash flow and provide cost stability. No more paying a huge lump sum for devices that will eventually be obsolete. Instead, you can enjoy the latest hardware via a predictable monthly subscription model. Push costs from CapEx to OpEx and let DaaS 360 manage your tech upgrades, maintenance, security, and refreshes so you can drive costs down to a fixed budget.

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Total Device Lifecycle Services

Our compelling range of equipment and products come with end-to-end life cycle services. Expect a zero-stress IT environment as we take care of everything from device configuration to optimisation, maintenance, and device disposal.

Increase Business Productivity

With our complete tech support, you no longer have to monitor your entire business device fleet’s performance. Instead, experience reduced downtime and streamline complicated tasks by employing our services.
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Secure Data Erasure

Reformatting your device is not enough to prevent sensitive data from being leaked. That’s why we provide onsite secure data erasure with a certified software for retired devices, so your company and user data is 100% erased and non-recoverable. We’ll even present you with an auditable and digitally signed erasure certificate for every device erased.

Optimise Business Operations

DaaS 360 delivers proactive device insights and predictive analytics so you can enjoy complete visibility. Improve productivity and accelerate business growth by making data-driven decisions.
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Guaranteed Business Continuity

Viruses and system crashes? Devices stolen or damaged in a flood? Don’t let unforeseen events turn into down time. DaaS 360 offers loan units and insurance so you can carry on your business as usual while waiting for replacements.

Transition to a Circular Economy

At ICT Zone, we strive to break away from the traditional linear economy where old goods are ultimately destroyed. A circular economy, in contrast, produces products designed to be durable, recyclable, and reusable. It can also reduce capital costs, procurement inefficiencies, and excess waste.
Our “Buy Back Program” allows customers to recycle retired devices or simply trade them in for cashbacks. By recycling electronics, we help you fulfil your ESG commitment and protect our environment with sustainable practices.
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