Laptop Leasing Malaysia: What You Should Know

Laptop leasing in Malaysia is an excellent way businesses can save on IT costs and go green simultaneously.

Whether you are acquiring laptops for a project or equipping your team with quality IT devices, you will be able to achieve all this and more with laptop leasing in Malaysia.

The rising costs of living can make it difficult to own a laptop or desktop set-up; devices that have become a necessity in the modern world.

Moreover, upgrades and replacements are often necessary to stay up to date with technological advancement.

Fortunately, laptop leasing means users will pay a much lower monthly instalment fee, as well as reduce the amount of e-waste produced. Continue reading to learn more about laptop leasing in Malaysia.

Introduction to Laptop Leasing in Malaysia

Most, if not all, modern projects and teams rely on technology to streamline workload and communication.

Owning a device that is up-to-date and can meet user needs has shifted from being a luxury to a necessity.

Thus, laptop leasing in Malaysia has become a popular cost-saving alternative to purchasing and owning your own device.

Not only is it often cheaper than the high upfront costs of buying a device, but users can also upgrade their devices easily in the future.

This means the latest technology will be at your fingertips, along with the freedom to switch devices based on your needs. Furthermore, technical support is also provided by the supplier.

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4 Things to Take Note of Laptop Leasing in Malaysia

While this may appear to be the perfect solution for you, there are some important aspects to take note of in learning about laptop leasing in Malaysia.

Here are four things users should be aware of before leasing a device:

Rental Requirements

What do you do plan to do with your device(s)?

Pinpointing your needs should come first, as laptop leasing can provide for anything from personal use to scaling up your business.

Leasing Period

How long do you intend to use the device for?

Finding out your leasing period is crucial, as service providers often offer various pricing points depending on the length of the leasing period.

Laptop Model

Do you have a specific model and set of functions in mind?

An advantage to laptop leasing is that you can rent models that fit your needs, and the device can be traded in at the end of the leasing period.

Customer Service

What after-sales services does your chosen retailer provide?

The most common benefits of laptop leasing in Malaysia often feature technical support and repair services, but users should always ask about the benefits.

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DaaS 360: Laptop & PC Rental

There are many benefits to owning a laptop, but we have also seen how leasing your business’s devices could be a great alternative.

DaaS 360 recognises the need for quality IT in today’s world, which is why we offer only the best of devices and after-sales service.

Our laptop and PC rental solution features long-term rental services, a fixed payment plan and a low initial cost.

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