Green Technology Malaysia: Unlock Sustainable Business Growth

Global warming, climate change, and the unending accumulation of waste products; these factors have driven the need for sustainable growth and green technology in Malaysia.

These issues have become so pervasive in modern-day life that 62% of personal investors pay attention to sustainability in their portfolios*. This staggering number has risen from a previous 48% in 2021.

Continue reading to discover how your business can support not only green initiatives but also unlock sustainable business growth.

What is Green Technology Malaysia?

In a nutshell, green technology is an umbrella term encompassing the use of science and technology to combat the strain on our natural environment caused by humans. Thus, the need for green technology has grown exponentially in recent years.

This year saw 60% of worldwide companies reportedly investing in business strategies to reduce their carbon emissions and other negative environmental impacts*.

A number of prominent figures have also paved the way to green business transformation, with industry giants like Google reducing their energy consumption by 40% and Microsoft aiming to become a carbon-negative company by 2030**.

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Green Technology Malaysia: Why Businesses Should Go Green

Green technology is designed with environmental issues in mind. Not only is it an important tool to combat climate change, but businesses can also benefit from becoming more sustainable.

Benefits of Green Technology

The rapid development of our world as it rushes to meet the evolving needs of society creates a heavy impact. Thus, it has become crucial to reduce our carbon footprint and green technology assists with just that.

Green Marketing Opportunities

It was found that 88% of customers were loyal to companies supporting environmental and social issues***. Therefore, transforming your business with green technology will boost your business’s growth.

Local Incentives and Compliance

The Malaysian government has launched many green initiatives and imposed various sustainability laws over the recent years. These initiatives include incentives for businesses that employ green technology in Malaysia.

3 Ways To Go Green

Now that you know the benefits and importance of green technology for your business, here are three ways your company can go green:

Subscribing to Green Technology in Malaysia

Switch to eco-friendly energy options, such as solar power, and reduce e-waste through sustainable device recovery solutions.

Contribute to Circular Economy

Educate yourself on circular economy and shift your business practices towards lower raw material consumption and longer device usage.

Sustainable Business IT Lifecycle Management

Adopting a sustainable business IT lifecycle management is one thing a modern business can do with green technology. Explore DaaS 360’s Device Lifecycle Management service for a one-stop management solution.

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It is evident that green technology is important for businesses worldwide. Keep your company compliant and current by exploring our other sustainable solutions, such as the DaaS 360 Recovery Service.

Unlock sustainable growth and transform your business today.