Data Erasure: Ensuring Data Security in Your IT Devices

In today’s digital landscape, effective management of the data lifecycle is pivotal for businesses. It safeguards sensitive information and prevents catastrophic breaches, with data erasure playing a central role.

In 2022, Malaysia witnessed a surge in data breaches involving major corporations and large companies such as Maybank, Astro and the Election Commission. As a result, up to 13 million citizens had their personal information leaked.

This surge underlines a heightened awareness of looming security threats and amplifies the pressing demand for robust data lifecycle management.

Continue reading to learn more about data erasure and its role in information security.

What is Data Erasure?

Data erasure, also known as data sanitisation or data destruction, represents the final stage in the data lifecycle management process.

Not to be mistaken with data deletion, it is a highly secure and reliable method to permanently erase data, ensuring that sensitive information remains inaccessible to unauthorised individuals.

It is also an environmentally-friendly alternative to data destruction methods (e.g. shredding or degaussing storage devices), allowing for the safe repurposing of these devices.

Moreover, it can be carried out in both active and inactive environments across a wide range of IT assets. These assets may include:

  • Servers
  • Computers and laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Removable media
  • Loose drives
  • Virtualised data centres and cloud environments

Lastly, certain tools provide automated data erasure. This entails the regular and systematic removal of redundant data and the automatic destruction of data in response to incorrect key input.

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The Importance of Data Erasure in the Lifecycle of IT Devices

As the volume of information we generate continues to grow, understanding the paramount importance of data erasure has never been more essential. 

Here’s how it plays a role in the lifecycles of IT devices:

Encourages Secure Hardware Disposal & Decommissioning

Data erasure supports sustainable practices for IT equipment, where once information is wiped, the devices can be safely reused or recycled.

For instance, they can be repurposed as refurbished IT devices, providing opportunities for those in need. This dramatically reduces e-waste and unnecessary destruction of electronics.

However, when a device reaches its end of life (EOL), it should be securely disposed of through trusted e-waste management companies.

Encourages Secure Hardware Disposal & Decommissioning

Implementing regular and automated data erasure minimises the risk of leaks. This bolsters information security, particularly during malware attacks or unauthorised attempts at physically destroying data.

Protects Intellectual Properties & Trade Secrets

The competitive business landscape has given rise to a black market for internal and confidential company information.

Regrettably, the disclosure of trade secrets and intellectual property can result in substantial and detrimental consequences for the organisations affected.

To mitigate this threat, it’s essential for businesses to implement data erasure procedures.

This enables them to reduce the risk of data leaks, effectively protecting their confidential data from unauthorised individuals.

Builds Trust with Customers & Stakeholders

Data breaches and information leaks have led consumers to be more wary of companies. 

In order to restore trust, businesses can establish data erasure procedures and policies to demonstrate their dedication to information security and privacy. 

Such measures can enhance trust among customers and stakeholders.

Ensures Regulatory Compliance

According to the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), those who are found to have leaked data may be subject to a fine of up to RM3,000,000 and/or a maximum of two years imprisonment.

As a result, businesses must initiate data erasure protocols to adhere to privacy regulations and avoid potential legal or financial repercussions.

Unfortunately, implementing data erasure protocols is easier said than done. Luckily, there are solutions that can help streamline this crucial process.

One notable solution is SECURAZE, which offers advanced tools and techniques for secure and effective data erasure.

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SECURAZE: An In-Depth Guide

SECURAZE is a state-of-the-art solution designed to provide a systematic approach to data erasure and diagnostics for all your devices.

And it doesn’t just stop at erasure; it also offers a tamper-proof erasure report. Here are several other benefits of SECURAZE to know:

  • Compliance with Industry Standards
    In an era where data breaches are a regular occurrence, staying compliant with industry standards is more crucial than ever.
    SECURAZE ensures that your data erasure processes align with globally recognised best practices.
  • Protecting Sensitive Data
    With its highly secure algorithm, smartphone application, centralised dashboard and more, SECURAZE removes both internal and external sensitive information thoroughly.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
    Its dashboard provides a centralised view of a business’s assets and is customisable to showcase relevant information to different users.
  • Championing Sustainability
    Finally, SECURAZE also promotes a green footprint by providing environmentally-friendly software alternatives to data erasure.

In a nutshell, SECURAZE bridges the gap between the need for secure data erasure and the reality of ever-evolving tech challenges.

It’s a solution for the future, ensuring organisations remain ahead in data management and protection.

Stay Secured with DaaS 360’s Data Erasure Services

In short, data erasure is crucial to minimise potential information leakage. It is a cybersecurity procedure that needs to be strictly regulated for the benefit of the business.

As a part of our Device Recovery Services, DaaS 360 offers SECURAZE as part of our solutions.

Once your data is erased, the devices are ready for reuse and recycling. This is in line with our commitment to reduce environmental impact and foster a circular economy.

Our solutions also not only guarantee your data’s privacy but also adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Learn more about our green device disposal methods and sustainable device repurposing through our device recovery services, or get in touch with our experts today!

You can also visit our main blog for the latest news on IT devices, cybersecurity and more.