Business Scaling Solution with Microsoft 365 DaaS

As companies begin small and grow over time, understanding business scaling is important. It ensures that there is continuous growth and that the business can meet current market demands.

The business climate is ever-evolving, constantly shifting to meet the needs of our modern society.

Moreover, it is also often impacted by climate and social change, and all of these aspects affect and necessitate business scaling.

Want your business to thrive? Read on to discover how Microsoft 365 DaaS can help to scale your business effectively and sustainably.

What is Business Scaling?

Business scaling refers to a business’s strategic and sustainable growth to keep up with the market it operates in.

Examples include increasing operational efficiency, gaining higher profit margins, or recruiting more employees.

This sustainable growth means that revenue increases without a substantial increase in costs, and its goal is to support the business’ growth further.

Aside from the scaling itself, the methods employed in growing your business are also crucial.

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What is Microsoft 365 DaaS?

Here to benefit all 21st-century businesses, Microsoft 365 DaaS is a sustainable solution that lends a dependable hand in your business scaling efforts.

Specifically, the service will help your team acquire quality IT devices.

Microsoft 365 DaaS provides businesses with quality hardware through leasing contracts. Not only that, but these devices come fully equipped with the necessary software.

Form of Device-As-A-Service

Take advantage of our affordable IT solutions to streamline your business’s operations.

We provide quality IT devices along with after-sales services to minimise downtime and boost productivity.

Software Included

Enhance productivity with Microsoft Office 365 apps designed for businesses, such as Microsoft 365 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, and 1 TB of cloud storage on OneDrive.

Users subscribed to the Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan can enjoy premium features and apps like Access and Publisher.

Hardware Leasing

Reduce your IT expenses with our monthly Microsoft 365 subscription packages. Available at RM150, RM177, or RM200 per month, our flexible packages and devices suit both SMEs and enterprises.

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How Microsoft 365 DaaS Can Help Business Scaling

Businesses can enjoy many benefits through Microsoft 365 DaaS once your team is furnished with the latest business IT devices.

As observed in recent years, the trend towards digitalisation has affected many, if not all, businesses worldwide.

With Microsoft 365 DaaS, you can further transform your virtual workplace and empower your hybrid teams.

Not only that, but the service is also as cost-effective as it is sustainable. Outlined below are four main benefits of Microsoft 365 DaaS:

Promote Workplace Productivity

Equipping your team with the right devices for their work will undoubtedly boost productivity in the workplace.

Smoother IT Workflow

With quality hardware and software at your fingertips, your team is less likely to face technical disruptions that impede their workflow.

Lower IT Costs

In comparison to purchasing singular devices for each employee, it is much more cost-effective to lease trusted models from providers with a good track record.

Support Hybrid Workforce

More and more teams have shifted to hybrid or remote working environments. Microsoft 365 DaaS not only provides the device but also live technical support.

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