Device Lifecycle Management Malaysia

End-to-End Lifecycle Services

Complete and secure device lifecycle management in Malaysia.


One Price. One Vendor.
One Experience.

One Price.
One Vendor.
One Experience.

Conveniently at one price and one place, DaaS 360 offers an attractive 4-in-1 subscription model which consists of:

How DaaS 360 Can Transform Your Business

DaaS 360 plans provide attractive features for massive cost savings, enhanced performance, remote manageability, security, and stability for businesses everywhere.

More Affordable & Scalable Workplace Tech

  • Experience smarter budgeting and forecasting by moving from large, upfront capital to smaller, consistent operating costs.
  • Access the support, hardware, and software you need, and swiftly add them as your business expands.
  • Streamline purchasing process by obtaining everything you need as a single subscription from a single vendor.
  • With reduced data centre footprint and no licensing fees to pay, your company can achieve massive savings annually.
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Improve Employee Experience & Performance

  • Attract and retain top talent by empowering your employees with the latest technology.
  • Deploying and setting up devices through DaaS 360 is a quick and easy process.
  • Improve employees’ performance with a modern workforce, top security, and cutting-edge device performance.
  • Maximise productivity by adopting up-to-date services so your employees can thrive.
  • Enjoy seamless device updates and monitoring without disrupting end-user workflow.

Reduce & Streamline IT Workload

  • Streamline IT asset lifecycle management, no matter where your devices are located.
  • Access and control unattended devices remotely, regardless of their condition or location, improving incident management dramatically.
  • Strengthen your business by freeing up IT time from mundane tasks in favour of strategic and value-added work.
  • Simplify complex license application procedures, reduce employee downtime and eliminate the hassle of configuring, customising, and deploying PCs.
  • Outsource HelpDesk support while getting devices fixed either onsite or in the factory.
  • Obtain a host of other software and services such as advanced security and collaboration and industry-specific services.

Outsource Device Lifecycle Management & Achieve ESG Goals

  • Receive remote managed services for entire device lifecycle, including hardware retirement.
  • Sensitive data is securely and safely cleared from devices to comply with your organisation’s specific data requirements—or retain your hard drive device for archiving purposes.
  • Ethical device disposal, either by refurbishing them for donation, resale or recycling the hardware components.
  • Instant PC replacement to minimise downtime and ensure a seamless employee experience.

What is Device Lifecycle
Management (DLM)

Offload the complexities of device management and take advantage of intelligent device lifecycle management unique to your business and workplace strategy. Experience device lifecycle management in Malaysia that offers resilience and reliability, so you can be productive on the go.

Tech Financing Service

Device Recovery

Device Lifecycle Management

Proactive & Analytical Service

Remote Managed Service

1 Price. 1 Vendor.
1 Experience.

Offload the complexities of device management and take advantage of intelligent device life cycle management unique to your business and workplace strategy. Our device life cycle management offers resilience and reliability, so you can be productive on the go.

Benefits of Device
Lifecycle Management

Discover and Design

From consulting to assessment and solution design services, let us help you optimise your IT device management strategy and ensure you make the best IT investments.


Save time and increase your IT organisation's productivity with HP custom configurations.


Get your users up and running quickly with delivery, staging, installation, and device set-up service designed to help reduce time, risks and costs.


Increase user uptime with fast resolution of device issues, OS migration, and consulting services to optimise your PC environment.


Choose from a wide range of global services for coverage, protection, and support to improve user uptime, and IT cost predictability.

Recover and Renew

Help protect your business data with our secure end-of-use services and prepare for a technology refresh that supports environmental sustainability.

DaaS 360 for Your Industries

Our unique solutions benefit users in all industries and locations, preventing downtime no matter the circumstances. Explore a few examples of how different industries can benefit from DaaS 360’s IT asset management services.

F&B & Retail (Chain Stores)

System failures for huge corporations within industries like F&B can involve thousands of devices and numerous outlets at a time. Standard IT support personnel cannot be deployed fast enough to mitigate the issue and prevent downtime.

Our preventive solutions and remote managed service features ensure that you can detect issues ahead of time and receive remote IT support at a moment’s notice.
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Media & Entertainment

We offer users a number of PC configurations to meet different workloads within the creative industry. Be it for standard office use or graphics-heavy work like video editing, we can ship the right devices to you. Maximise your team’s productivity and prevent device crashes and lag when you subscribe to HP Tech Pulse with DaaS 360.

Government & Public Sector

The work-from-home culture brought with it significant security risks for government departments. Configuring, shipping, managing, and adding VPN connections to thousands of devices is hardly practical.
With our proactive monitoring and insights in place, you can reduce the risks of viruses, data breaches, and theft of intellectual property from corporate networks.

Let Us Manage Your
Device Lifecycles

Business device management just got easier.